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Server Site

In The Server Site Work Online Chat Box,if you have any problem write the in chatBox and you help :P

Server Settings:

* Experience 2500x
* Drop 75%
* Reset Level 400
* Reset Payment 10mil Zen
* Reset systemt Keep Stats
* Soul Success Rate 75%
* JOL Success Rate 70%
* CM Success Rate Balanced

MU Features:

* Full working Season 1
* Full working Season 2
* ALL events: Blood Castle, Devil Square, Chaos Castle, Kanturu.
* Massive events full working: Castle Siege, Crywolf.

Custom Features:

* GrandReset System , after 101 reset you make 1GR and your win 2 items+13+16+ 3opt any items.
* In-Game commands: /add /post /online
* 3D Camera with mouse support
* Anti-cheat system
* Auto-Update system
* And much more..!

virus (Head Admin)
ChaoPao (Secondary Admin)
This is a very nice server with friendly Admin / Gm.
They are constantly adjusting the server to make it better.
All it realy needs now are a few more players
Hope to see you in game

Отредактировано UKRAINA (2009-02-28 02:28:17)