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The Berlin International Economics Congress:
"An International Conference on the Future of Nation Branding, Tourism, and International Investments in a Globalized World"
(March 9th - 12th 2011, Berlin, Held Parallel to the ITB Berlin and in conjunction with the ICD conferences "Nuestra America" and "The Rise of Africa")

“The Berlin International Economics Congress 2011” is an international conference taking place over 4 days that will explore the future of Nation Branding, Tourism, and International Investment in a Globalized World. The program will consist of lectures, seminars, workshops, interactive sessions and panel discussions that will feature leading figures from international economics & politics, academia, marketing, advertising, and civil society. Participants of the program will also have the opportunity to experience Berlin through a series of cultural and social activities.

Speakers for the conference include:
•Dr. Alfredo Palacio - Former President of Ecuador; ICD Advisory Board Member
•Baki Irmak - Director of Communications, DWS Investments, (Deutsche Bank Group)
•Amb. Dan Mulhall - Ambassador of Ireland to Germany
•Bendt Bendtsen - Former Danish Deputy Prime Minister, Former Danish Minister of Economic and Business Affairs; ICD Advisory Board Member (tbc)
•Celso Luiz Nunes Amorim  - Former Foreign Minister of Brazil
•Dr. Erhard Busek - Former Vice-Chancellor of Austria, Former Minister for Education & Cultural Affairs; (tbc)
•Filippe Savagado- Minister of Culture, Tourism and Communication of Burkina Faso
•Dr. Gerassimos D. Arsenis- Former Minister of Economics of Greece, Former Minister of Education and Former Minister of Defense; (tbc)
•Dr. Gerhard Prätorius - Head of Coordination CSR and Sustainability, Volkswagen AG (tbc)
•Dr. Jacques F. Poos - Former Deputy Prime Minister of Luxembourg, Minister of Foreign Affairs (tbc)
•Sir James R. Mancham - Former President of the Republic of Seychelles; ICD Advisory Board Member
•Janez Jansa - Former Prime Minister of Slovenia; president of the Slovenian Democratic Party
•Joy Wheeler- Ambassador of Jamaica to Germany
•Kalonzo Musyoka - Vice President of Kenya
•Kazenambo Kazenambo - Minister of Youth and Sports of Namibia (tbc)
•Kintto Lucas Lopez - Deputy Foreign Minister of Ecuador
•MONIE R. Captan - Former Foreign Minister of Liberia; President of Liberian Chamber of Commerce
•Dr. Miomir Žužul - Former Foreign Minister of Croatia; President of Dubrovnik International University; ICD Advisory Board Member
•Dr. Rick van der Ploeg - Professor of Economics, Oxford University; Former State Minister of Education, Culture and Science of the Netherlands; ICD Advisory Board Member (tbc)
•Dr. Solomon Isaac Passy - Former Foreign Minister of Bulgaria; ICD Advisory Board Member
•Dr. Vasile Puşcaş - Former Romanian Minister for European Affairs;
•Zeine Ould Zeidane - Former Prime Minister of Mauritania (tbc)